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RIP Colette

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Sad that the store is closing but great to see that even as they leave, they do it in style.

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Moving on..

The calm at Sanapur Lake, Hampi - India

The calm at Sanapur Lake, Hampi - India

I like countless others dwell among the speck of the astronomical blogosphere. I’ve had a few blogs that I’ve consistently posted on. Some I lost interest in over time and others, the other way around. The last time I managed to consistently come to post was a Tumblelog called Unit. Then one day I woke up and horror! My blog was missing. All the posts I made were gone and after numerous attempts at finding what had happened, all the intelligence at Tumblr Inc. shone in the form of a very unhelpful, consistently dull reply that came in the form of a poorly trained AI email bot named Doug, that simply said, “sorry, we can’t find out what happened”.

The phase of frustration coincided with excessive binging in all forms off the Christmas spirit and thankfully I can bundle them up in one instance of things to get over and come out on the other side...

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